Friday, January 11, 2008

A Week to remember or should I forget it.

It's Friday and I'm glad it is finally here. We started the week with problems with the electricty on campus. Our clinic cannot run unless the power is totally up and running on all phases but we were without a phase. Therefore the X-ray man, Lewis was constantly at my door begging me to perform a miracle and get his power back up. Lewis is by far one of the most faithful workers I have in the clinic. He loves his work and is really good at it as well. He never misses a day of work and practically refuses to take a holiday. Anyway, because we were without power/x rays many patients came which we were unable to help.

One patient was a lady who was in a Semi truck brought her daughter who had broken her leg.
I was surprized to see her truck the first day when she pulled up. Never did I imagine that her driver would pull off the road, on to the grass and break through our septic system.

Yesterday afternoon the power problems were fixed but I had a new problem or challenge, it was this very large truck stuck in our septic system. We asked a truck who had delivered bricks to help us get the semi out of the hole and he did so. Now our only problem is the repair of the hole and the students from the college were in the hole today with masks and gloves to start the repairs.

The week had started with a sweet little girl who's father works for one of our doctors, coming in with a burnt leg. The poor little thing didn't even wimper when the doctor was looking at it. I was told that that was because it was third degree burns and the nerves are burnt off. It was horrible to see. We sent her to a specialist, I'll let you know when I find out what they were able to do for her. It's hard not to let some of these cases get to you.

Finally we have been searching all week for blood for a young man who has aid and will die if he doesn't get a transfusion. Even if people have the blood to give they are not always willing to give it and you cann't force anyone to give their blood. The blood bank keeps sending us the wrong blood which is also making me a bit wacky.

All in all, God is working in the lives of my staff. I'm encouraged by what I see in their attitudes, especially the attitudes of the cleaners. They came together on tuesday and helped me clean up the storeage room which was infested with Rats or at least things were covered with little black rat gifts. We had pizza for lunch and then drew names for the mattresses which the rats had made nests in. Somethings better than nothing I guess. Those who's names weren't drawn were really un happy and said I should make up for their losses. So, would you feel bad if you hadn't won a rat nest mattress? Sometimes the things we deal with are so un real it blows your mind.

Thursday I went home and decided to make a big pot of soup and feed all the neighbors, I think some people slept better that night. You cann't solve all the worlds problems but you can at least bless a few. Have a great week and enjoy all the pictures that follow this entry.

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