Thursday, March 15, 2012

Progress on the pig cage

New faces at the training center

Since we are ministering to women it seemed only fitting that we a a few more cleaver females to the center. So in the pig department we have added Charlotte the future mother of many. Then we have my mom's latest granddaughter Sparky a German Shepard puppy who we hope will grow up to be our strongest watch dog. I'm hoping that I will be able to trainer her to respond to commands which the other dogs do not do. Apparently what I thought would be a great laying hen has turned out to be a rooster, so we will have to find a friend for him, but meanwhile he is keeping the pig company while we build a cage for the pig.

Little Birdies in my Windows

Here's a few of the little birdies in my windows. The windows are reflective outside so the birds love to come and talk to themselves or perhaps they are at war with themselves . I'm not sure which but either way they give us a lot of joy and enjoyment, some even have a few dances that they do and that proves entertaining as well.

Working on Home Gardens

Yesterday's lesson was on water management. We also
Talked about the the potential these women have and the fact that they are all very cleaver. I told them that if they put their minds to it they can do anything.

We gave each women a bag of bean seeds and stems they can plant for a good crop of sweet potatoes. Both products were given for ground preparation so that when other things are planted the ground will be a bit dug up and will have been fed with nitrogen from the planting of beans.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A visit to COTNIs Chitipi Village

It has been a few months since Mom and I have been out to Chitipi to see the children and I have heard they moved all the Little-ones there and Tellina my friend is the new mom for all of them. Tellina has the house all cleaned up and the furniture has been recovered so the home is quite nice.
We arrived at the house and I could hear the Children calling out that Auntie Michelle has come. They didn't see that Grandma was with me, but once they did they were even more excited.

The Children walked us in the house and we held the babies and loved on the other kids as well. One little boy brought a Christmas card that was sent to him from his sponsoring family and asked grandma to read it to him. Of course Mom read it to him but he wanted it read over and over again. The kids were all wanting to sit and talk with him. I took a group out to look at the farm to see what they were growing . We walked by a bee hive but fortunate ly we has walked by it before I realized what it was and told the children to walk fast. I didn't have my epi pen. which was not bright on my part, but a good warning of what not to forget again. All in all, it was a nice visit which left me very proud of Tellina for the way she is managing the home.