Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting a Prayer Tea

Today we are starting a prayer tea. As was the case in Liberia during the war, it was the prayer of the women that changed the nation. I believe it will be the prayers and empowering of the women of Malawi that will change this nation. So pray with us that this small group of pastors wives and women leaders will be the kindling from which a mighty fire of God will be started.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Praying for water

Friday I thought it might be wise to bring our problems to the Lord. So we prayed and asked the Lord for water. Then I went and tried to rent a water pump. We wrestled with the pump for hours but it never was able to pump the water from the deep well. I finally gave up and took the pump back. With in an hour of our return home it began to poor down rain. We were able to fill our reservoirs with water. I got a very clear message from the Lord: "Ask me and then wait and see what I will do. I don't need your help."

Because of hard rains and electrical storms which lit up the sky, we lost all power yesterday afternoon. It has been about 18 hours but the power is back. For how long, no one really knows. The power is very unstable so I have gotten serge protectors in hopes of saving my appliances . The training center is beautiful , rich with all kinds of food plants and we look forward to starting classes next week. Birds and butterflies of all sorts of colors and sizes flutter about. life has returned to what was once a baren plot of land. My prayer is that the whole village will catch the vision and move forward in self sustenance. Pray that the women will be encouraged and be empowered.

How rain causes power shortages!

It's Sunday and we have had no power all day. We started the day cooking on the coal pot and now it looks like it will end in the same fashion. Yesterday we had a torrential rain in the afternoon which apparently knocked down several power line poles. I'm guessing the dirt around the poles became so saturated with water that the poles just slid out of the holes and somehow damaged the lines. I called the power company and they said we might get power tonight.
Sometimes I wonder if life is easier if you don't have any of the modern convenience , not really but the inconvenience and frustrations of not having something is character refining at times. Pray for strength as we face these challenges on a daily basis.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doctor Clark

It's 7pm,raining cats and dogs, lightening fills the sky and I'm called to check on a lady I know. Word has it she has a head ache and can't walk. The combination sounds like it could be cerebral malaria so I didn't want to chance it without checking her out. When I got out of the car to walk down the high grass, mud puddled path the rains were at their peak, I was hot so didn't mind getting wet but was a bit afraid of the lightening. My friend decided she wouldn't die during the night and would like to wait until morning . Her eyes looked ok so I decided she could wait . We drove back home and I was thankful that I didn't have to spend the evening in the hospital. I still haven 't gotten over jet lag. Mom was in bed by 7pm. Now it's my turn .