Thursday, March 20, 2008

I finally did it!

Did what you say? Well, the other nite my friend Maggie one of the Malawian staff works asked me for dinner. She had prepared a traditional Malawian meal for the Spiritual Emphasis speaker and when Maggie's husband couldn't make it back in time for dinner, she asked me to come.

I arrived in good African time to the meal and before me was a bowl full of flying ants. After prayer I scooped 5 or 6 onto my place and then quickly put one after another in to my mouth. Sure enough they tasted like bacon.

Pastor Carlton said you must have eaten them all your life. To which I replyed no this is my first time. The guy next to me tryed to push his off onto my plate, but when I tasted them the second time they weren't quite as good so I told him he better keep his own Ants on his plate.

I also must report that I'm in Jo-Berg South Africa having something taken off my nose and and shopping for the children's ward we've been building. The shopping hasn't given me much time to worry about the results of the byopsy, hopefully this was just a wart. Next time they take something off my nose they'll have to knock me out. The pain killing shots were worse than the cut of the knife, which I felt before he gave me a second shot of novacain or what ever it was.

I'm hoping they will let me know early next week so if there is more work to be done it can be done quickly. The other scar is still there on the side of my head, but it is healing. God is good and I thank Him for his faithfulness to me.

Until later, Blessings

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