Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visiting Mom, Family and Friends

Hi! Im in the states for a few week. We had a great 80th Birthday for my mom. August was action packed as I moved out of my house with it's man eating dogs and entertained a group of people from Whittier Area Community Church who is paying and praying for the building of our new Hospital ward. It was fun to be with them and see the many faces who have worked so hard at making this dream for Malawi come true. We experienced some big disapointments together as the container they had sent did not come in time for them to do the painting they had hoped to be able to do. However they saw alot of the differant ministries here in Malawi and were able to experience the joys of meeting the Malawian people, and living life on the Lords terms and not our own.

Recently I heard of a family here in the states who were fueding over who was going to take care of a relatives child and I couldn't help think about how important it is to let others live and not to attach one self to things God doesn't have for you to do. Wouldn't we all be happier if we just gave of ourselves without demands recognition. I'm learning how to let go of what I think is best for what God deams best.

Apon returning to ABC I will be finishing up the hospital and then starting the food services around campus starting with the hospital kitchen and moving to the College Student Center, International Academy and then to a snack shack for the general public.
My passion is for training Malawians to succeed in business so that their nation can grow.
Because of my work last year 5 adults and 8 children are being fed. Not as a hand out, but because the adults are willing to work.

When I return to Malawi I hope to find a permant place to live. Please be praying for me on this, as I would like to purchase a half built house or build one to live in, thus providing jobs for malawians. Most rentals belong to the Indians in the country so the money you pay goes to making them richer. I'd like to see Malawians gain, by working, saving and then building places of their own. Thankyou for your prayers.

PS I will be taking my mom back with me for a year. She will teach at the college and help me out. I'm sure we will be a lot less lonely.

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