Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man makes his plans, but God.....

Just when you think the coast is clear, than something happens. My friends the Skagens came and spent the last two days here at my Mom's place, so we could get a few last minute things done and then they said they were willing to take me to the airport.

We left here at 8am sharp, and arrived at the airport with 3 hour to make it on the plane. Plenty of time, right? Wrong! When we got to the front of the line the attendant asked me for my visa, there was no visa in my Passport and they refused to look at the letter the mission had given me. They simply sent me away. We tryed for hours to get the papers in order, but after 6 hours of efforts we gave up and came home. We left the car full of stuff and pulled our way across the lake . I keep missing things like my wallet and passport, but that's what happens when you .
are running back and forth between airlines and making calls on cell phones. All is found.

Tomorrow is a new day and we will see what the Lord will do with it. My heart is at peace. I will try to get some rest this week-end and trust that the Lord has a purpose in all this. Thanks for your continued prayers. Michelle

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Kendall said...

Michelle, what a stressful day. I am glad it ended with you feeling at peace. Hang in there, we are all praying you make it to Africa!