Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Days in Malawi

Day 1:
I arrived in Malawi at 9:45 am local time just 60 hour after leaving Washington. There were two people at the Airport to meet me. Dr Paul Chinchen- the Director of the college and Toni Moffet, the present Clinic Administrator. They brought me back to the college and then took me to my new home.

I stepped out of the car and was bitten by on of three dogs who had come to greet me. They looked like I was food to them and not anything short of that. The bite was the size of a silver dollar but turned Ugly black.

I was excited to take a shower and try to rest for a moment. So once Toni left, I grabbed a bar of soap and jumped in the shower. They had told me there was hot water, so I was looking forward to my hot shower. The water was stone cold, so I fiddled with the nobs encluding one nob which was to the far right of the normal shower fixtures. I thought it mignt be a hot water valve, but it didn't seem to make much if any differance. Cold, Cold, Cold. Oh well this is Africa and I'm lucky the water is running at all. I turned off the water and went to dry off. It sounded like there was a water fall in the house. strange, I thought but then decide to go investigate. Walking out into the hall I saw a gushing water fall coming from the ceiling tiles. The floor in the call was flooded and the water was moving out into the living room very quickly. I was horified. I ran back to the shower and turned that strange extra knob I had thought was for hot water and the water was shut off. I then asked the next door neighbors house help if he had a mop and he came back with a small mop with about three strands. This of course was no match for the lake that was now in my hall way and livingroom. I decide to use the only towel I had and a trash can to mop up the mess. Once my Landlord"s wife was home I talked to her about the problem and she said she would send a crew in the morning. Night fell and I took some sleeping pills to rest. They worked.

Day 2:

The 5 member repair team came to help with the plumbing problem. They worked 8 hours, crawling up and down the stairs and in the end declared the hot water tank fixed. It was about 5pm so I checked their work and it was not done. The water was stone cold. I needed a shower however, so I jumped back in the shower and when I got out I once again found the flood in the hall and living room. I think we have a problem, I thought.

Day 3: A two man crew returns to solve the water problem. By this time I was a bit tired of hanging out at my house, but this crew only took 2 hours and the water seemed warm so I was happy. My Landlord Family are Indians from India. They are very kind and loving. They had me over for at least one meal each of the three days.

Day 4:
I jumped into the shower and turned on the hot water, knowing it would take a while for it to get warm enought to enjoy. Once it got hot I reached for the cold water. Suddeningly there was a strong electrical current running through my body. I hadn't had my coffee quite yet, but I was now wide awake. Quickly I decided to jump out of the water and run away. I put on my clothes and opened the locked doors to run out of the house and tell the Landlord. On the other side of the outer pattio gate were the three dogs barking and grawling like ferousious lions ready to tear me from limb to limb. I stood there and yelled:" HELP HELP HELP" This was Drama at it's best. Apparently the house help had gotten a shock at about the same time in the Landlords house, so they came a running to my rescue. I decided showers aren't all they are cracked up to be and went to work with dirty hair and smelling like one of the locals. Oh MY I don't think they noticed, but I was longing for an out of body experience.

Day 5
I had been to the clinic and had decided to check out my E-mail. There were several notes from my mom in which she complained about not hearing from me and also saying that she had not told anyone about my problem. She didn't know about the ones I have just told you about so I was wondering what on earth she could be referring too.

After scanning down the mail entry page, I notice a note from my Doctor, called Biopsy results. As I read his note I Knew what my mom was referring too. I have a basil Cell Carcinoma on my face just right of my right eye brow. Great, when it rains it pours. But what can one expect when they are doing what God has called them to do. I will not cower or be afraid, for the Lord my God is with me.

Day 6-10 They have fixed the water heater and stopped the electrical current in the shower. We are makeing calls to South Africa to see if we can make an appointment for surgery. Please pray that we will be able to find a doctor and make any appointment quickly. A missionary friend well be flying down with me to help me through this process. God is providing. A lady here on Campus has family in South Africa and they will host us while we are down there. I will need to rent a car. I do not have heath insurance so you can be praying that the Lord will undertake for me in this as well.

There are two doctors and an EMT coming in to help out in the clinic this week. Our main doctor's wife is having a baby. They have lost three children so pray that every thing goes well with the Birth of this child. We also need to begin out team building at the Clinic. Pray for UNITY. There is talk in the country that the "whites should be asked to leave. The president will be making a statement about this soon, so pray that the people will hear and that God will do a miracle in this land. We need revival. The ABC campus is also in need of Revival. I want to pray, pray, pray. Drop me a line if you will. I have to go to people's house to get the internet access, so I'm not exactly in an eazy place to get to communication.

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Cheryl said...

Dear Michelle
the e-mail note with the Liberia account does not seem to be working. This site is technology at its best. I know you are at peace about the surgery but wow.. what a trial.. I am praying for you. Please keep me posted
Love to you, safe in God's hands