Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to you too!

Hello, all of Michelle's friends and family!

Michelle is "in hospital", as they say here in South Africa, and resting comfortably. She and I left for the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and she was treated to a lovely hospital gown and a pair of very exciting underpants! Can I use that word on a missionary's blog??? Anyway, she was rolled out of her room at 10, but she said she wasn't rolled into surgery until about an hour later. She came back to the room at noon with stitches on her left cheek, behind her right ear, and a gauze patch over her right eye where they did the graft and removed the cancer, not in that order. She groggily climbed into bed and a few minutes later uttered her first words, "How long did you have to wait?" Sweetie, thinking of MY wait on HER birthday after HER surgery! Anyway, she was able to eat lunch an hour or so later. She had a good dinner and after getting a bit more medicine for pain, was doing well when I left her about 6:30 this evening. She prayed with me for my trip home alone in Joburg which I greatly appreciated. (One very heavy chain on the outside street gate, another locked gate into the yard, another one into the entrance way, then one into the house and then dash to turn off the alarm where there is another gate in the middle of the house and one on each of the room doors so that if the bad guys get in through a bedroom window, they won't have easy access to the rest of the house! Things are different (in a creepy sort of way in regards to security) here in Johannesburg!

So, Michelle should be discharged tomorrow after breakfast. I know she is so grateful for all of your prayers. God is faithful and good.

In this Rock,

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