Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Homeward Bound!!!

It's 5:30 am and all my bags are packed, and I'm ready to go. Connie and I are happy to be going home to Malawi. The modern world is really quite hectic.

We had a good appointment with Dr Chait yesterday. He gave us the final instructions on which stitches come out when. I showed him that he had missed the cyst that I had hoped he would take out and he said: Oh my we must do that right now, if anyone hears of this they will think I am a complete idiot. Will you stay so I can take care of it. It will only take ten minutes.

Connie had wanted to see the first operation which they would not allow, so this was her chance to see this one. Dr/Professor Chait had me lie down on his operating cot and then told me to bite down on this thing that looked like a plastic bullet. He called it a bullet too. We were back in the wild west or so it seemed when he stuck the first needle in my face to numb it. I wanted to scream but just cried instead and reached for Connie's hand so I could squeeze it to death as he proceeded to poke me again and again. Once it was good and numb he started his incision and then took out the cyst. It was a bit of a battle to get it all out and in the end the Dr won, but he was surprised at how large and hard the thing was. I could feel most of the stitches going in, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the injections so I decide it was the lesser of two evils. Connie made it through the whole procedure without fainting and I managed to keep my whits about me as well. I guess his bullet treatment worked. The the patients on the other side of the door didn't know he had done a thing, although I wanted to shout it from the roof top. I cannot tell you how grateful I was that he had knocked me out for the first procedure. I really liked Dr Chait. He is a man of great humor and Connie and I had a wonderful time joking around with him. He wants to follow up on me via the Internet. I will send him pictures as the days go by so he can keep an eye on his work. What a wonderful thing these computers are. I think he did a beautiful job. He is a Jewish surgeon which was a plus. The only other Surgeon I ever go to is Jewish as well and he makes all things new. His name? Jesus!!

I'm praising the Lord this morning for His unfailing love and faithfulness. He is all we need in time of joy and trouble. What a wonderful savior,husband and friend. Truly the Lord has carried me through. My love to all. I love your comments so keep leaving them. Thanks Kendal, Cheryl, Shari and Michele.

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Kendall said...

It was good to catch up on all the activity. Wow what an adventure in S Africa! I am praying for your full recovery and that you get back to your normal missionary life soon! Of course God's plany rule and you seem to be doing a great job letting him lead. Your walk and trust are a huge encouragement to read about. Even in your trials you are doing ministry!