Friday, October 19, 2007

Taking JO Burg by Storm or Something?

Yesterday Connie and I rented a car. We decided that Connie would be the only driver in that It was likely that I would not be able to drive after surgery. Connie's neighbor's mother(Marjorie) met us at the Airport and brought us home. We are staying with her.

This morning we woke up early to go see the doctor. Marjorie used to work with this Doctor 30 some years ago, so she had a picture of him at her wedding, which we took to show the doctor-Larance Chait. My neighbor in Malawi, Kush asked a good friend of his Mr Barney Herwitz to recommend a plastic surgeon and that's how I got Dr. Chaits name. Anyway he was very fun and friendly. He said"your a missionary? Then why did God do this to you? I said, if God hadn't allowed this, than I wouldn't have met you. What does one say to that?

So here's the game plan. He will operate first thing Monday morning. His plan is to take the cancer out and make sure that he got it all. In order not to make it impossible for me to close my eye, he will be taking a skin graft from behind my ear and placing it over the spot. Then he will put something he said will look like a small pumpkin on the skin graft and when the pumpkin falls off the skin graft should be well taken. He plans on putting me under for the operation and keeping me in the hospital for one night after the job is done. He doesn't want me to be uncomfortable so he said it would be best if I spent the night in the hospital. I will have Connie take pictures so we can post them later for you who are into seeing how it looks.

Connie and I decided to try and make the rest of the weekend fun, as Monday is my Birthday and that's the day I go in for surgery. Today we went shopping for all the missionaries on campus. They all gave Connie a list of things to pick up for them while we are here. I picked up a few essential things as well, but the Bank didn't know I was coming down here so they cut me off.

Driving home from the Mall it was dark and raining. The people have warned us that this is a very dangerous city, so we tried not to stop to long anywhere, especially at stop signs. We made several U turns because we were lost and the street signs are tough to see. I kept telling Connie to "Keep moving" it's hard to hit a moving target. We made it home and we are proud of ourselves. Marjorie locks every door in the house to keep the thief's out or localized if they should break into a room in the house. She's quite a kick. Connie is writing down famous quotes from our trip, so I will share them with you. We have done alot of laughing thus far.

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