Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In a land far far away.

I'm in the state of Washington sharing my life and heart with woman about woman. Funny how we all have the same desires for life and living. You know, simple things like a warm bed, food in our children's stomachs, a dry night's sleep, warmth in the cold season, and shade in the heat. They want to talk to their friends and enjoy their surroundings. There greatest fears are offending the dead, even more so than having a child die. The dead or far more dangerous than the living.

So here I am frozen out of my mom's house wondering when we could go back, will it be in time for thanksgiving with the family all coming. Will they be able to come? In our world those questions all seem quite important, but when I think of how people my village are doing right now with the land as dry as a hardened brick from months of the sun baking the earth. They have very little food to eat. Wondering if what little maise they have left will last until March when a new crop of maise will bear fruit. It's eazy to see how the walls of poverty choke out dreams and hope for tomorrow. I'm listening to a woman in the resturant moan and groan about how terrible her life is right now. She's having a ten dollar breakfast in a nice hotel, says she has a generator at her home which provides power to the microwave, stove and all the latest amenties of life, but life is really terrible to her, oh yes we are checking into the hotel tonight she says. Are you kidding me or are those in the west just kidding themselves. Most of the time I cann't justify or find justice in life. Hasn't God given us as people the power to choose how we will live our live and how those lives will or will not affect others. What have we done with this power. How will we account for that priviledge and power?

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