Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreams of yesterday,realities of today.

It was dark , cold and rainy this evening when I started to bring the canoe down into the lake. I had a white rope from my brothers house that was all tangled. Hadn't thought about untangleing it before going down to the lake so I stood on the dock and slowly pulled the rope away from itself and got it untangled. By that time my fingers were cold and everything was wet. Even my back side wasn't all that surprised when I sat down on the cold wet metal seat of the canoe. It has been ten or more years since I once paddled that canoe across the lake to my parents home and yet in a way it seems like yesterday. The dreams of yesteryear as a girl at the camp next door, wanting to dress up in mocasons and wear the native american out fit. Somehow my dreams never included being in a canoe on a cold, dark, rainy night. But isn't that the reality of dreams. They always seem to leave the rough side out of the story. Roses are sure beautiful flowers but they do have thorns and those thorns can make you bleed, especially if you hold on to tightly. So perhaps there is a lesson in all this. Hold your dreams and your roses in an open hand. Then if they are taken or they dye they can be replace or just added to. The dream was always to make it accross the lake without sinking and once again it happened as I had hoped, but the dangers are always close at hand reminding you of how delicate your life and actions need to be.

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