Sunday, December 5, 2010

Looking for Oppertunities a Christmas

Walking around the mall for exercise because it is far to cold to be walking outside, I met three Isreali young men who are selling salt from the dead sea and lotions from there as well. These guys are friendly young men who came to the USA to make some money and be on an adventure.

I haven't bought anything from them but every time I'm in the mall I stop and chat with them. Yesterday I found out that Mount Carmel is engulfed in flames. Did you hear that on the news? Well neither did I, but now I know and I'm concerned for my new friends families that live near there. i want to have these guys for Christmas eve or something. They need Jesus and it would be cool if this trip to America to sell lotion and salts, brought them to a relationship with Jesus there savior who came from there home. Sometimes we need to be moved to another land, far from those we love to see what's in front of out face.

An update on Mia Ministry, Mom and I went to a church brunch yesterday and shared the Bucket list. Lets be in prayer about how we can reach out and touch those around us this Christmas season. Ask God to take you to someone who needs Him today. The best gift we can give Him is to bring a lost one home as the Father is waiting with open arms to recieve each one.

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