Monday, January 24, 2011

Back home in Malawi

We have arrived back home in Malawi. As the sun rose this morning so did the little hummingbird like birds. The maze is growing in the fields. The country is a beautiful lush green. This is always a happy time of year. As I walked down to the village I noticed a white flag flying above the house of one of my workers. It seemed a bit precarious but no more so than Sunday morning's drum beat. The drums beat all day long. In the past three years there has there never been a time when drums were beating constantly all day long on Sunday. It reminded me a lot of growing up in Liberia in the Bush. At any rate I began to ask questions only to find out that Dorothy one of my workers has declared herself a traditional healer. I'm still doing research to find out what exactly that means. She says she belongs to a church called Zion which works with herbs. I have several people checking into exactly what her belief system is at present. Prior to this she has declared herself a Baptist but I also know that she has a lot of knowledge concerning the herbs that have medicinal value. It's my desire to try to work with her and help her understand how while medicine has a value it also has its limitations and it is God who we call on when man's knowledge falls short. Please pray for Dorothy and asked that God would open her mind and help her to understand his great love and power.

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