Monday, January 31, 2011

Next step

Saturday I went into the village to take some pictures. I visited with several groups of women and at the last home while I was talking with the women, I notice one of the children was lisless and asked her mother what was wrong. The mother said she had Malaria. I could see she couldn't wait till monday to get meds so I called a doctor and took her into the hospital. It was pouring down rain, we both got drenched . I had to go find the sleeping guard so we could go out of the gate and she had to go to get her daughter out of the house. It was raining buckets and the dirt roads were turned into muddy rivers. Once we made it to the main road, even thought it was paved it to was one big river. I felt like my Rav 4 was a speed boat we spayed water all over the place as we went. The hospital gave the girl medicine and this morning when I went into the village to check on her both mother and daughter were walking to the clinic. The little girls fever was gone and she looked good. Thank Jesus a life was saved from Malaria. You get to see the pictures I took on my walk and this precious little one gets to live another day. Sunday morning another mother and Child was at my door for the same reason and we did the trip again. One child, one happy mother at a time. Thankyou Jesus So far this week we have not seen any children dye of Malaria. It's a blessing not to have a funeral this week.

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