Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keep on Praying for Dorthy

We have had four classes with the Ladies. Everyone seems excited to be in class and learning. This week we had over sixty ladies in class. We pray that as they come they will learn about the goodness of the Lord.

Please continue to Pray for Dorthy. Her flag is still flying so we know that she hasn't stepped back at all . Each day she continues to come to Bible study and hear the words of the Lord. Tomorrow we will take a look at Noah and Job and see why God called them the most righteous men . Both had remarkable faith and walked with God in spite of the circumstances that beset them. We are all called as believers to walk by faith and not by sight. Sometimes thats a very tricky thing for all of us to do. By faith we will pray that Dorthy will come to know Jesus and that Satan will be throw out of her life.

Everything is incredably beautiful here now. Such green. wish it was always this green and lush. I will try to post more pictures, but have had some tech problems with my camera and computer. Blessings, Michelle

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