Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When looking for Snakes don't Jump at Frogs

This morning the ladies were digging in a broken brick pile and I heard some noise about snakes. I thought they had killed one and his skin was there in the heap. But in fact they had just seen it slip down a hole and they were looking for it as they picked broken bricks which we call Maduga off the pile. I was afraid for them because you never know if you find one if there will be more in the same pile. So there I was leaning toward them with my head and shoulders with my feet and legs trying to move away from the whole scene. As one of the ladies pulled one of the bricks back with her shovel I saw a reptile and jumped back squirming and flapping my arms like a helpless baby chick. While my head know it was a frog my body was saying snake and thus the antics. Everyone laughed at me. They know I want to save frogs because they eat Mosquitoes but they were taken a back by my antic. Anyway I left and had to take mom to her class.

I quickly dropped her at COTNI and then drove to town. As soon as I got out of the car I noticed a guy with one leg, his other leg was curled up into a ball. That was a normal sight, but what caught my eye was a nasty burn he had on his crutch arm. That's the arm he uses to move around with. Anyway it was oozing and looked painful. I asked someone to ask him what had happened and he said it was a burn. Anyway I took him to the hospital to have it looked at. The doctor put him on medications and had the nurse wrap it up. We paid a the bill and then took him back to where he sells pictures to make money. The crippled guys all used to just beg on the street, now they are trying to make a living by selling pictures.

After Picking up my mom, we went home and they said they had killed the snake. The left it where it was and tip toed over toward it to see it from about 10 yards. I'm not to keen on snakes. later that afternoon the dogs found it and started to bark and then they tipped toed up to see it. I just plane didn't want him or her around dead or alive so I asked one of the men to move it to a better home or burial ground. Wearing gloves and boots he got a stick and hung it off the stick caring out the gate. I pray that snake is the first and the last. They say snakes don't like smelly plants so guess what I'm going to look for.

Well folks, I've taken my malaria pill and sat up long enough for it to sink to the bottom of my stomach. They tend to burn holes on the way down if they don't get to the stomach so you have to wait until they make it there. Now for the fun part. Sleep. Sleep packed with crazy dreams that is. Which is a side affect of the drug.

Its raining so that means it will be a fresh and cool night.

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