Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sauna or License Renewal office

On my way into town I was stopped by the police which by the way is a sometimes daily occurance. I knew my licence was about ready to expire but had forgotten until I saw the cops on the road. Lucky for me I had one more day to go to the office and have it renewed. So after I did my errands I drove to the Renewal office and parked in line for a car inspection. It was almost eleven so I knew my time was short. I walked into the inspection office and asked what I needed to do, partly because I had forgotten and partly because I figured if you play dumb they are more likely to help you get through the misery of the job at hand. The men told me and half guided me to the office and line I needed to be standing in. Mind you there were 6 lines and 80 or more people standing in those lines inside a room that was about ten by ten feet. The fan in the room is broken, I was in the line closest to the door so at least there was some hot fresh air coming througth the door. After a thirty minute wait, It was my turn. I waited patiently because it keeps your blood pressure down and there were already 40 men moaning, groaning and complaining not to mention yelling in the room. Apon receiving a piece of paper they sent me to the bank,which had air -con. I'm not sure how long I waited there but it wasn't long enough to cool me off. I was sent back to the first room to stand in another line. This time I was as far back in the room as you could get. It was steaming there, but there was a glass seperating the waiters and the workers. That glass had two holes in them at each station. The workers had air con, so there was some cold air coming out of the two holes. I tried to get as close to the window as I could in hopes of getting some air. Before I said a word,the man behind the window looked at me and said you need to be patient madam. To which I replied : Thats eazy for you to say sitting in Air Con. He laughed and somehow gave me mercy. I put my hand in the lower window and fanned the hole in the upper circle to get more of the air out of his room into my room. After about 20 minutes he gave me my paper. But it was time for lunch everyone in the cool room left and the "Sauna" emptied out. I knew I needed to get this done but lunch is lunch and no man works during lunch. Besides by that time I was ringing wet and tired of hot have air and listening to all the angry people. So I decided to go home and perhaps come back early in the morning. On my way home my friend called and said the guest I was expecting weren't coming, so I planned on returning to the "Sauna" after lunch. At about two I returned and took my paper to the car inspector. There was a wait there too, so I decided to turn on the radio. It was a good African Station so I listened and tapped on the drivers wheel as if it was a drumb. The guys around smiled and enjoyed the music with me. Suddenly the inspector came and started his work. He was shouting commands and I was doing my best to follow, but finally he said if you would turn your radio off it would be eazier for us to work. Of course, by this time there were 20 men all standing around watching the inspector and I and I got the giggles. Why are you laughing? he said. I told him I felt like this was a tv show so all the men slowly turned as though they hadn't been intertained watching as I tried to follow his instructions. He sent me off to buy reflectors which I think was more to give him time to have my papers ready. Now back to the Sauna I went. My guy was gone, but after a few minutes returned. A man came in the room and started yelling in my ear. I asked him why and everyone laughed . Stupid woman . He said. Then another guy was fanning himself and I asked him if he would fan a little faster. He wasn't pleased. At anyrate finally the papers were done and so was my sauna. Apon handing me the papers the man said: See you next year and smiled. It was a long painful day, but all in all it pays not to get argry and just to take it as it comes, sauna and all.

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