Wednesday, December 19, 2007

For those who want to help.

You can send donations for the clinic or toward a maternity ward by clicking on African Bible College which is under Donations on the right of this post. Then click on give now and mark your donations for :ABC Clinic, Michelle's Maternity Project.

If you want to send new baby blankets, and towels, cloth diapers, pins and baby clothes send them to ABC USA PO Box 103 Clinton MS 39060. Anything you would send to Malawi directly is hightly taxed so it is better to send it via container when they are sent out which is twice yearly and it is far better to send new items than used for this same reason.

Thankyou Charlene for asking about how to give, I'm sure others are thinking the same way.


Carol said...

Michelle, I was moved to tears by the story of the mother in labor.
I have made a donation to your project. Part of my heart will always be in Africa.
God Bless,

Kendall said...

Michelle. What a powerful story abut the needs that you and your ministry are trying to address. I am praying for you ongoing strength and courage. I am also making a donation to help out with the great needs you are facing. Hope you had a great Christmas. We have plenty of snow to send you if we could figure out how.