Monday, December 3, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Praise the Lord I have done it. You know the project I have been working on for the past month that should have taken a day. It would be easy to be discouraged but I decided that I should be happy because at least one thing got done and who knows maybe it will only take me a few months to get the staff to follow the work schedule two days in a row. Perhaps we are progressing, but at a snails pace. Sometimes I wish I could just forget the projects and enjoy relating to the people without trying to get them to get some work done. Life would be so much more pleasant.

We had a lovely little music program the other night done by the students at ABC College. They are new students so the songs are elementary, but never the less thay are trying to play music on these strange new instraments. They also did a stomp which was quite good. The music teacher had shown them a video of one in the states and they made their own up with broom sticks,pots, cans and other things. The president of the college had refreshments served afterwards so we had quite a turnout. Food will do it every time. My friends and I didn't quite make it to the table in time to join in on the tackeling of the refreshment person in order to get out drinks and donut,so we decided to go to a place where there was to be a jazz concert. However the players of the concert didn't show up so there was no concert. This is life in Africa. No use getting up set or you'd be mad all the time.

My Friend Maggy came by today to see the Dr so I had her come in and use my computer, the network was down all last week so we are catching up. Any way she was encouraging. She is a Malawian, but she says the people seem to have some serious mental or spiritual blocks. I think we need to be praying for the ability to think clearly.

Sure hope you are enjoying your cool wheather, cuz we are being steam cooked around here. Blessings to all. Michelle

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Kendall said...

It was great catching up with what is going on by reading your postings. It sounds like your whole stlye of work and pace of getting things done has had to change. Good job on getting the clinic up to snuff for the inspector. A whole week off line from the Internet! I can't imagine! Did you hear we got a new music director at church? He is an African! It is truely a global community and family of God.