Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pancakes with flying Ants or Without Ants

On Friday the College students put on a lovely Coral. It was a mixture of Jazz and Malawian Christmas songs. All in all it was beautifully done.

Sunday night as the church service came to a close, their were flying ants swarming all over the place. This usually happends after rains and praise the Lord rainy season has come.

How refreshing it is to sleep in cool of the night rather than in such heat. Anyway after the service on sunday nite the children ran to collect the ants because they are a favorite treat to eat. Free flying protein. Even the missionary children were collecting their ants for eating.

After church on sunday nites the staff generally have waffles and pancakes. A friend of my from toastmasters speaking club gave me a grill for Valentines day, so I have been putting that grill to good use frying pancakes on Sunday nites. As I was frying pancakes the children came in and asked me if I could grill some ants. Of course I said yes and so their on my grill were pancakes and gumi or ants. The strange thing was that it didn't bother anyone that I was frying ants on the grill and to tell you the truth it didn't bother me either. They seemed very compatible together there on my grill. One of the older missionaries suggested I fry some pancakes with Ants for Bob Stauffacher one of the newest missionaries. But I decided we better wait until he has at least ventured out to try a raw ant first. Besides poor Bob and his family has been sick for over a month now and they are just now on the mend, so I didn't want to take any chances.

By the way, my face is on the mend and slowly but surely it should recover. Blessings to all as Christmas draws near. Don't forget it's about Jesus.
Love, Michelle

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