Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hot Nights in Malawi

It's Wednesday and the week is flying by without my being able to catch up to it. Sunday it was 104 we suffered as we sat in church and the sun felt like it was beeting down on our heads. It was a though we weren't even under cover. The heat waves crashed down on us again and again. Malawi needs so fans to suck out the hot air in buildings.

Sleeping in it is no picnic either. I have a new form of Air Conditioning. Before going to bed you soak your PJs in water and then put them on soaking wet. Afterwards you climb into bed and and cover yourself with a sheet. Without a sheet it is too cool and you feel a bit damp, but with a sheet the water warms up just enough so you don't notice you are wet and as it evaporates it keeps you perfectly cool. Not something I's do in the winter in Colorado or Washington, but it's great for the hot climates. By morning your PJ's are dry and you can hang them up for the next nights drenching.

Christmas is coming and I must confess I don't even feel like this is the right time of year.
My Clinic work continues. At times I feel like I"m chasing my tail. That is if I have one.
I'm working on a schedule of work. It has only taken 3 weeks to get it typed on a word document and now we are haveing it traslated into the the local language. I thought it was a day project, silly me. There is no such thing as consistancy I'll let you know why when I find that out for myself. I might get a grip on things if there were four of me to station around the clinic to remind people what they are to do.

On the bright side, we had a visit from the ministry of Health and our parent medical
association. They had two comments, one was that the Clinic was very clean and the other was that we had a great selection of Medications. I was thankful I had spent three weeks pushing my cleaning crew to get the place up to par. Blessings, Michelle

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