Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunny Days

I recently hear from my mother who told me to be more positive. So I won't tell you about driving out to visit the Children of the Nations farm and children's home, it was dusk, but by the time I got to the main headquarters it was so dark I could hardly see it. I knew the farm was further out, but wasn't sure how far out it was. After driving for some time I decided I must have missed it and turned around. I drove to the COTN office and found a guard who was willing to take me out the farm. We started out, for the farm and drove for some time and before I knew it there was a large reflector in front of me. I knew we were in trouble, so I hit the brakes. We slide for quite a distance and then hit the reflector and a large dirt mound in the middle of the road. The reflector was made of tin, so it made a loud crashing sound. Then every thing was quiet for a couple of seconds and then I could hear men yelling and screaming. We have been told not to stop on the road and that people get mugged or robbed at night on the roads so I knew we needed to get out of there real quickly. I wasn't sure if the car would run, but it started up easily and I thru it into reverse. We fled like a couple of robbers from a bank hold up. A few minutes later we were at the COTN farm and they were happy to have me there. They served a traditional Malawian dinner and then the kids sang and enjoyed devotions. It was a blessing to hear the children singing. It really lifted my spirit. The next day I took a good look at the truck and it wasn't damaged. But I recalled a conversation my older brother Bill had had with my mom about my driving at night on the african roads. He had said that I should have a rule for myself not to drive at night on the dark roads. I have decided he was right so the rule is now in place.

Did I tell you about the family that lives next door? They own the house that I live in and have been like having my own family. In fact they invite me to come over often, some days Mrs Mittel sends and indian breakfast over for me and they have had me over for dinner as well. Today I decided to do something nice for them, so I made a big pot of soup and sent half of it over to them for lunch with some freshly baked rolls. I had been cooking for the whole week so decided once it was all done to go and take a nap. About 15 minutes into my nap Mrs Mittel came over and thanked me for the lovely rolls, then she said you know Michelle, Poojah and I are vegetarians and w e do not eat meat. I knew that but somehow it had slipped my mind. Then she said what kind of meat did you use for the the soup? I said Beef. Oh Michelle, we do not eat beef, but we shouldn't waste anything so we will send the soup back to you. She was so gracious, I just felt bad that I hadn't thought of those things.

The winds are blowing this afternoon, which was a fantastic change, in that it has been rather uncomfortably hot. Even the Africans are complaining. I can hear the thunder in the distance so perhaps that means we are in for a cooling down. I'm praying for rain. I went swimming this afternoon which was a lovely refreshment of both body and spirit. The pool is not far from the clinic but it is closed when I have time to use it. I've heard that there are requests for a lane or two to be left open for staff to use during the day. That would really be a blessing if that happened perhaps you can pray for that for me. I need some way to cool down and relax after chasing employees down all day. There seems to be a bit of acceptance about the new administrator and her expectations that work must take place during work hours. However some feel they are simply being paid for being present. HMMM The time clock seems to be causing some inconviences as employees have been sighted down town when in fact they are on the clock. This will be my next challenge. To round up the offenders.

There are many more stories this week, in an effort to keep this possitive i will wait till later. Thanks for tuning in and mostly thanks for your prayers. God is faithful and Truely He is at work in our lives. My Love to all, Michelle

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Sharilyn said...

Hi, Michelle! I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you today, which is Thanksgiving in the US, and I am thankful for you and your faithfulness and your courage as you continue to serve God and pursue Him with all your heart. Your blog is fun to read and it helps me to know just how to pray for you, so keep it up! I pray for you daily, and I am so blessed to know you. I hope we can get together again someday soon, perhaps sometime next year. Much love to you, my friend! Warm hugs,