Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Welcome New Viewers.

A joyfilled welcome to all my viewers in Iraq. As you know each and every day we take two steps forward and one step back. On sunday I thought I had killed all the cockroaches in my house but on Monday morning I found one large one crawling across my pillow. I tryed to knock him to the floor but he jumped on the curtains and managed to escape my foot. They are clever little creatures.

Sunday night I stopped by to see my friends who's small dog had run away after hearing the neighbors fire crackers. They were feeling pretty bad because it had been several days and the dog had not returned. So I told them I wanted to pray with them. After all, I God cares about even the little sparrow that falls, why wouldn't he care about the dog that was lost. So we prayed and asked the Lord to protcct the little dog. That night they made an anouncement on the radio that the dog was missing and that they would pay a reward to anyone who found him. The next afternoon some men notice an animal in the distant fields. Thinking it might be a monkey or baboon but also knowing there was a reward out for this strange little dog. The africans are afraid of dogs so they found a band of 20 people to round him up. After trying for sometime to catch him. They decided to hurd the dog through the field. accross the road and through the college gate. Apparently it was quite a commotion but Little MollY- the dogs name, was finally home with his family. I was thankful that the Lord had answered my prayer with a yes.

Speaking of chasing, I still continue to chase my cleaning people around the clinic. They were having hearing problems this morning but after talking with the head of personel, there ears were healed and they were willing to do what I was asking them to do. They had gone to the head of personel and asked her if they could do something else, so she not knowing what I had told them to do gave them permission to do what they had requested. When we all talked I let them know that they were not to be running way from what was requested of them.

I had asked them to clean up at our baby ward, and on the way walking up there one of the ladies pulled the mop out of her bucket and dropped it in the middle of the side walk. She didn't stop to pick it up so I asked her if whe was planing on leaving it there. Yes she replied with a look that said" why not" at times I'm shocked at the things they do. This was one of those times. I was seriously wondering what on earth could have been going through her head. I'm wondering if I should find a protein drink for them and see if that helps a bit. That will be my project for today.

I must get back to my chasing as yesterday I found three of my cleaning ladies sitting on the Ward couch chatting. They said they couldn't work all day, so I said Ok I will just pay you for half a day and get others to do the work the rest of the day. Oh no they replied. We need the money for the whole day but could you please let us rest for half a day. Hmmmm

Thankyou for tuning in and have a great day.

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