Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday or Friday?

Last week I spent observing the happenings of the Clinic and decided that working on getting the cleaners cleaning, would be a great place to start. Little did I know what a tough job that would be. I must have walked 5 miles today. Moving from person to person, making sure they were doing the job that they were supposed to do. The job for the majority of them was to was the walls. They are white with spots and drips as well as foot makes on the door bottems. I've heard all the excuses i care to hear. Mother i'm dizzy, mother I need my tea break, Mother I need to break for lunch. No I didn't finish ironing the ten things you asked me to do, because I was mopping. Mopping for 6 hours? no mopping for 30 minutes. Surely I will loose wait running from one to another.

One of the doctors said he had never seen so much activity. Another said it sure smelt good around here.

At lunch I went into the lunch room and found all my staff lining the walls, when I asked what they were doing they told me they were having a staff meeting. I asked them why I hadn't been informed of this meeting and told them the meeting was over. An hour later I got a letter from my " hard working staff" which wanted wedding days off and a raise in pay. You can imagine my frustration.

I'm writting this a little backwards but I must tell you my bottom biting next door neighbor dogs came over this morning and somehow tore a hole in the screen, so that when pooh came out to pee in his face, be was able to sink his teeth in Pooh's chin and the right side of his mouth. I screamed bloody murder and then went for my bear spray. Now I was ready for the dog. When he came back again I said come on baby I'm ready for you. Once his head was in the hole of the screen I sprayed him real good in the face and he silently walked away. Hu I got him. Mean while my dog was covered with blood. I got a dish towel and washed him off with detol. Then later this afternoon I took him to the vet. She cut some hair off his chin and gave us some Anti Biotics 25 dollars and rude talking to about how dare I come with my dog when she was on her way out. I was finished. She's the only vet in town, so she can say and do as she pleases. Customer what?

I think my staff has a bit of the same attitude. They know we are the best clinic in town, so they feel like the patients should wait on them. Oh my dear do I have my work cut out for me. Thankyou for your prayers.

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